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41165 Biomaterials and Biomechanics Studio

12cp; 4hpw
Requisite(s): 65111 Chemistry 1 AND 41163 Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering Studio B AND 42026 Biomedical Polymers
Recommended studies:

48610 Introduction to Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering; 48620 Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

Fields of practice: Biomedical Engineering program



The main objective of this subject is to introduce students to the field of orthopaedics biomechanics and various degenerative and traumatic disorders of the musculoskeletal joints in the human body. The subject is highly recommended for students who wish to pursue a career in orthopaedic implant research or industry. The subject helps students develop a clinical and biomechanical understanding of various pathologies of the musculoskeletal systems. More specifically, the subject focuses on using mechanics and computational modelling tools to investigate the biomechanical consequences of various pathological condition, and the efficacy of the current treatment approaches. The subject focuses primarily on computational modelling in orthopaedics biomechanics, and the students learn to use a finite element modelling software to model a musculoskeletal joint in healthy, pathological/traumatic, and clinically treated (with or without implant) states. The subject runs in a Studio mode over 12 weeks. Students form groups of two and choose a specific musculoskeletal disorder as their project topic, and investigate the problem from a clinical, epidemiological, and biomechanical (theoretical and computational modelling) perspectives. The basics of finite element analysis is also discussed. There are guest lectures from clinicians and biomechanics experts in the field. Students are assessed on a mid-term report and presentation (25%) due in Week 5, and a final presentation and report (50%) due in Week 12 along with the solved finite element models (25%).

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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