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31242 Advanced Internet Programming

6cp; 3hpw (laboratory)
Requisite(s): (31284 Web Services Development OR 31470 Distributed Computing Architecture) AND (31244 Applications Programming OR 31469 Object-oriented Design OR 48024 Applications Programming)
Anti-requisite(s): 31337 Advanced Internet Technologies AND 32549 Advanced Internet Programming



In this subject, students create sophisticated web applications that are ready for deployment into production.

The subject provides knowledge and skills in advanced server-side technologies, programming and architectures, advanced Internet technologies particularly related to server-side internet programming and business-to-business systems. It covers application servers, n-tier architectures, standards, transactions, security, dependency injection, object-relational mapping, web-service integration, and description and lookup. The subject also approaches these technologies from a business perspective. In doing so it covers the theory and architectures for business-to-business systems and enterprise application integration.

The subject uses Java EE technologies. However, the principles are applicable to development on any platform.

The subject is run as a simulation of a technology-based startup or software development projects. Students create a prototype for a simple idea. Throughout the session, students apply the subject content to ensure that their prototype is secure, reliable, maintainable, well-designed and can handle real-world customers. Hands-on laboratory exercises and group activities give students practice in internet programming and develop their ability to problem-solve, collaborate and develop communication skills.

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