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24742 New Product Management

Requisite(s): 24734 Marketing Management OR 24746 Marketing: Concepts and Applications
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This subject has been designed to enable students to develop an in-depth understanding of the processes, philosophies and concepts associated with new product management in contemporary organisations. Although the focus is on new products, the forces driving the process stem from the need for organisations to remain relevant, effective and competitive in a dynamic environment. While the subject matter is primarily from the field of marketing, the nature of successful product and growth management requires sensitivity to other fields of study such as strategic management, finance, manufacturing, information technology and organisational behaviour in order to effectively guide the process. This subject requires students to explore the various fields of study and examine research as a basis for building a strong, practically oriented capability for new product management.

Individual and team projects have been designed into the subject which require students to come to terms with the applied aspects of new product management. Students own work experiences also greatly facilitate class discussion and debate on the topic.

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