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21957 Leadership Lab 2

3cp; 10hrs face-to-face (3 x class sessions/seminars)
Requisite(s): 21956 Leadership Lab 1
There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.



The subject provides students with advanced concepts and diagnostic tools aimed at further developing their self-awareness and reflecting on the development of their leadership skills and style as a result of activities undertaken in 21956 Leadership Lab 1. The subject introduces students to the concept of authentic leadership and develops students' understanding of their values and the role of values in leadership. The subject encourages students to cultivate a personal commitment to profession-like, personal responsibility objectives and how to guide others to meet collective responsibility in morally challenging situations. A range of resources that support the development of leadership skills and capabilities and a moral compass are outlined before students are introduced to tools and methods for career planning and assessment.

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Access conditions

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