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21946 Global Logistics and Value Network Design

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In today’s global and connected economy, any company pursuing global growth sees its supply chain and logistics networks as critical to competitive advantage. Advances in information technology, introduction of new products with shorter life cycles, intensified competition in global markets, and the heightened expectations of customers have contributed to the development of new approaches to procurement and supply chain management. While designing an effective global supply network is a challenge, it can be a rewarding one because it can create more valuable products or services for delivery by a firm. This has created incentive for more effective and efficient designs of supply networks. This growing concern has created an incentive for more effective and efficient design of supply networks, thus allowing this subject to focus on imperative design considerations of both strategic and tactical aspects of value networks and logistics network design which all procurement and supply chains managers should know. The strategic intent on the supply side sourcing segments and procurement strategies, and demand side logistic strategies and market behavioral segments, changes the design of supply chains. And at the tactical level, how cost patterns of product delivery; efficient sourcing and procurement; forecasting methods; designing layouts; data aggregation and data mining for quality improvement and network management; and packaging, etc. influence logistic networks, distribution and warehousing decisions. Both of these dimensions provide students with in-depth understanding of how to strategise and position different building blocks to ensure dynamic alignment across a logistics and supply chain network. The concepts and strategies taught provide students with the ability to operationalise practices that can affect cost and service performance in end-to-end supply chains for global competitiveness.

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