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21715 Strategic Management

Requisite(s): (22747 Accounting for Managerial Decisions OR 22784 Accounting: Concepts and Applications) AND (25706 Economics for Management OR 25745 Economics: Concepts and Applications OR 23706 Economics for Management) AND (24734 Marketing Management OR 24746 Marketing: Concepts and Applications) AND (25742 Financial Management OR 25746 Financial Management: Concepts and Applications) AND (36 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C04018 Master of Business Administration OR 120 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C04250 Juris Doctor Master of Business Administration OR 36 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C04274 Master of Engineering Management Master of Business Administration)
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This subject adopts a holistic strategic approach to the design of innovative business models and the development of integrative processes that promote competitive superiority. This capstone subject integrates and builds on the materials previously studied in the core subjects of the MBA. The aim of the subject is to provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary for designing and managing strategy processes that can assure the long-term viability and success for enterprises that operate in a highly competitive business environment. The strategy literature supports the adoption of a more creative, strategic and flexible approach to the design of business models. Students are encouraged to design innovative business solutions and develop new problem solving rationales for the formulation of flexible strategies. The students should then be able to understand, communicate and materially contribute to the purpose of an organisation.

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