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11234 Architectural Design: Integration

6cp; 1hpw (lecture or workshop), 3hpw (studio) (attendance is taken at all lectures and tutorials); availability: Bachelor of Design in Architecture students only
Requisite(s): 11211 Architectural Design: Forming AND 11209 Architectural Design: Making AND 11221 Architectural Design: Strategy AND 11227 Architectural Design: Performance AND 11231 Architectural Design: Field AND 11204c Integrated Systems
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This is the capstone design project in the Bachelor of Design in Architecture (C10004). The subject develops core architectural design skills with a focus on the integration of the diverse aspects of architectural design into resolved and coherent design proposals. Integration of construction and material choices, building performance, urban response and context, environmental considerations, building services, planning, program organisation, user experience, and formal expression are developed to a high technical level.

The studio mirrors the design sequence of a professional office through staging design submissions in a design competition schedule, progressing from concept design to design development (stage 1) and finally technical development (stage 2). Through successive design iterations, students learn the ability to control, test and manipulate heterogeneous and competing design parameters towards a comprehensive and integrated solution. The subject expects core learning of processes and techniques from previous studios to be drawn on, however the emphasis is on assessment of the design project as presented at subsequent studio stages rather than the individual process of design.

This subject is linked with 11204 Integrated Systems with assessment tasks shared between the subjects. Tutorial groups are organised to correspond between the two subjects.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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