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11208 Architectural Design: Architectural Communications 2

Requisite(s): 11214 Architectural Design: Architectural Communications
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From El Lizzitzky's propaganda works or Mies Van der Rohe publications to Le Corbusier multimedia production, architects are communication experts since the Modern Movement. Yet due to the current multiplication, speed and availability of broadcasting channels, today more than ever, architects not only need to be skillful in a wide range of media technologies but also be aware of the latest international conversations on architectural representation. This subject investigates the work of a number of contemporary key architectural offices that are currently producing cutting-edge architectural communication works. In doing so, the students learn their techniques, become aware of the current discourse on the topic and develop their own communication agenda as a tool for architectural thinking. Through lectures, studio sessions and laboratory tutorials the following topics are explored and produced as tools for the creation of critical architectural arguments: detail drawing of plans, sections, constructive details and axonometrics of specific buildings, the construction of graphic manifestos, graphic narratives, and films and models as communication machines.

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Spring session, City campus

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