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11184 Landscape Architecture Studio 6: City

6cp; Spring session, block, city
Requisite(s): 11178 Landscape Architecture Studio 4: Civic AND 11175 Landscape Architecture Studio 3: Grounding AND 11179c Landscape Urbanism
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This design studio – the inclusive city: designing with Indigenous communities – gives students the opportunity to travel to south-western Western Australia to work with the Indigenous Noongar community, to begin exploratory work for an innovative Aboriginal maternal–child health centre. This is part of an interdisciplinary design research project involving IT, engineering, health, architecture and landscape architecture.

Students travel to Bunbury on 3 August for five days to meet local Noongar people from the South West Aboriginal Medical Service (SWAMS) for an immersion in their local culture and the landscape, and through this process gain a deeper understanding of Noongar values, knowledge, traditions and practices including the technologies and adaptations that have been developed over thousands of years. Students meet with local stakeholders and the community, and begin to explore issues through preliminary design work and the potential to integrate IT, engineering, landscape and architecture. Students continue to develop these ideas for exhibition in WA and Sydney at the end of the year.

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