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11184 Landscape Architecture Studio 6

6cp; Spring session (Week 3: Monday 1–4pm; Stuvac mid semester break: 5 day intensive workshop on site; Weeks 10–12: Mondays 1–4pm)
Requisite(s): 11188 Landscape Architecture Studio 5: Extended
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This design studio – the Post Industrial City – provides students with the opportunity to work intensively and immersively. It includes a five-day stay along the South Coast NSW, engaging with site-based research and connecting with various community groups. Students develop a proposition that engages with and links multiple narratives; rich layers of history embedded in matter and culture, through a design that links walks along the escarpment and the coast and a disused colliery, in order to reimagine possibilities for the post-industrial future of the area.

Students travel to the Coalcliff site and environs during the mid-session break for five days. Students gain an understanding of the complexities surrounding the site by meeting locals from various communities and stakeholders and through deep site engagement. During this time students also develop initial propositions through workshops to be presented back to the community. On return to UTS, students continue to develop the design propositions and return to the area to re-present the final outcomes for further discussion with the community and stakeholders, culminating in an exhibition (to be confirmed) in the area.

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