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11181 Landscape Architecture Studio 5: Infrastructures

6cp; 6hpw (Tuesday 3hrs, Friday 3hrs)
Requisite(s): 11175 Landscape Architecture Studio 3: Grounding AND 11186c Landscape Infrastructure AND 11178 Landscape Architecture Studio 4: Civic
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This design studio provides students with the opportunity to build on their understanding of landscape infrastructure via a specific design project. Students apply theory, principles and knowledge gained from 11186 Landscape Infrastructure to a real-life design challenge – The Second City (Parramatta). A landscape architectural design response is explored for the city with particular attention given to the potential of landscape infrastructure, with an emphasis on hydrology, to bring about integrated environmental, social and cultural systems of cohabitation. This response should consider strategies for an expanded notion of the hydrology of Parramatta, for informing new urban forms, systems and infrastructures. Students engage with the site via the tools and processes of landscape infrastructure with the aim of generating design solutions that are flexible, decentralised, multifunctional and catalytic in nature.

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