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11178 Landscape Architecture Studio 4: Civic

Requisite(s): 11171 Landscape Architecture Studio 1: Forming AND 11173 Landscape Architecture Studio 2: Making AND 11182c Urbanisms
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This subject concerns the design of public landscapes. It asks students to consider what types of public life should be present in our urban environments and how design can support their existence. These questions are explored through the development of a design proposal for an urban public space in inner Sydney. This involves experimenting with a range of spatial and social strategies intended to support diverse expressions of public life. Students are expected to produce a physically and programmatically resolved proposal that exhibits an awareness of its activation across time and the relationship between the project’s formal expression and the potential for different types of occupation.

The specific types of public life addressed by a student in their design proposal are to be informed by a strategic understanding of the site’s relationship to existing public facilities and changing urban demographics, as well as a personal position on the proposition that the city has a civic responsibility to support diverse forms of public life. Students establish their own strategic direction by drawing on the knowledge gained in the preceding block taught subject 11182 Urbanisms.

The teaching team for this subject is made up of an invited team of practicing landscape architects. This group of design professionals bring their conceptual interests and technical expertise to bear on the subjects' thematics and design process. Students are introduced to a range of built precedent, design strategies, and professional techniques, particular to the practice, for analysing urban scenarios, developing and communicating ideas. This exposure takes place across a combination of lectures, workshops, project visits and a carefully orchestrated sequence of iterative design activities.

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