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028250 English Education 1

6cp; 3hpw x 9wks (face-to-face and online)
Requisite(s): 48 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10350 Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.
Anti-requisite(s): 012208 English Education 1

Primary Key Learning Area


This subject introduces students to the NSW English K–10 Syllabus (Vol. 1) and the Language, Literature and Literacy strands of the Australian Curriculum (English). Through a program of structured engagement, students develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the teaching of listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing.

Students investigate specific models of reading including 'bottom-up' and 'top down' approaches; explore the role and approaches to the teaching of the concepts of print, phonics and phonemic awareness; graphophonic, semantic, grammatical and visual knowledge; vocabulary knowledge and comprehension. They examine approaches to the teaching of writing, including vocabulary development; the role of grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting; notions of audience, purpose and context; and the language and structural features of a range of texts.

Students identify and explore syllabus requirements, content and outcomes related to ICT in the primary classroom. They develop knowledge and understanding of ICT as a powerful learning tool and investigate strategies to integrate ICT into classroom teaching/learning programs.

The subject develops students' knowledge about the English language through the exploration of a range of printed, visual, multimodal and digital texts, develops an informed appreciation of literature, including Australian and international texts, and growing repertoires of English usage in spoken and written modes.

Students engage with texts by Aboriginal and Strait Islander peoples and those representing Asian cultures. Through engagement with the subject, students improve their standards of personal literacy in the context of tertiary studies and primary school teaching.

Typical availability

Calendar B Autumn session

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Access conditions

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