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STM90919 Core subjects (Animation)

82120  Animation Studio: Foundations in Animation Language  12cp
82121  Context: 2D Animation Introduction  6cp
85502  Researching Design Histories  6cp
82220  Animation Studio: Foundations in Animation Design  12cp
82221  Context: Introduction to 3D and 2D Hybrid Animation  6cp
85503  Thinking Through Design  6cp
82320  Animation Studio: Narrative Investigations  12cp
82321  Context: 3D Modelling and Rigging Introduction  6cp
82420  3D Modelling and Rigging Advanced  6cp
82520  Context: Design for 3D and 2D Hybrid Animation  6cp
82621  Context: Experimentations for 3D and 2D Hybrid Animation  6cp
82620  Animation Studio: Animation Industry Project  12cp
88211  Animation Studio: Narrative Experimentations  12cp
88212  Animation Studio: Animation Practice  12cp
Total  120cp