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STM90651 Core subjects (Information Technology)

This stream provides a broad coverage of the professional core body of knowledge for the IT profession.

There are two alternative networking subjects in this stream. Students intending to enrol in MAJ03445 Internetworking and Applications, or those who have not yet decided on their major, should enrol in 31270 Networking Essentials, as the Cisco Networking Academy content in 31270 is a prerequisite for later compulsory subjects in this major. Students who are committed to studying a different IT major should enrol in 41092 Network Fundamentals.

Completion requirements

31265  Communication for IT Professionals  6cp
31266  Introduction to Information Systems  6cp
48023  Programming Fundamentals  6cp
31268  Web Systems  6cp
31269  Business Requirements Modelling  6cp
Select one of the following:  6cp
      31270  Networking Essentials 6cp 
      41092  Network Fundamentals 6cp 
31271  Database Fundamentals  6cp
31272  Project Management and the Professional  6cp
Total  48cp