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STM90375 Core subjects

11211  Architectural Design: Forming  6cp
11212  Architectural History and Theory: Orientations  6cp
11205  Architecture and Landscape Cultures  6cp
11214  Architectural Design: Architectural Communications  6cp
11209  Architectural Design: Making  6cp
11216  Architectural History and Theory: Modernity and Modernism  6cp
11206  Introduction to Construction and Structural Synthesis  6cp
11208  Architectural Design: Architectural Communications 2  6cp
11221  Architectural Design: Strategy  6cp
11222  Architectural History and Theory: Critique  6cp
11227  Architectural Design: Performance  6cp
11225  Thermal Design and Environmental Control  6cp
11207  Architectural Design and Construction  6cp
11231  Architectural Design: Field  6cp
11232  Lighting, Acoustics and Advanced Environmental Control  6cp
11233  Advanced Architectural Construction  6cp
11234  Architectural Design: Integration  6cp
11204  Integrated Systems  6cp
11247  Architectural History and Theory: Current Events and Debates  6cp
11248  Architectural History and Theory: Urbanism and the City  6cp
Total  120cp