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MAJ03428 Telecommunications Engineering

Telecommunications is an integral part of modern society. This major allows recent graduates and people already in the workforce to deepen and/or broaden skills and knowledge in various areas with telecommunication engineering. In particular, there is a strong emphasis on wireless forms of communication engineering, including satellite and cellular mobiles. Candidates must have completed previous undergraduate studies in telecommunications to gain entry to this major, as it requires a solid understanding of signal theory, signals and systems, modulation and coding, as well as propagation. For candidates who want to move into the telecommunications area and do not meet the above criteria, there is another major called Telecommunication Networks that may be suitable for your needs.

Completion requirements

Select one of the following:  6cp
      49215  Telecommunications Industry Management 6cp 
      49205  Transmission Systems 6cp 
CBK90230  Elective (Engineering)  6cp
CBK90358  Major subject choice  12cp
Total  24cp