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MAJ01123 Forensic Science

This major contains subjects in both the physical forensic sciences and the biological forensic sciences. The ability to successfully undertake these subjects is influenced by a student's prior studies. Students should contact their program adviser to plan a program of study that is best suited to their background and interests.

Completion requirements

65034  Introduction to Forensic Science  6cp
Select 42 credit points of options:  42cp
CBK90640  Elective 6cp 
91402  Anatomical Pathology 6cp 
65544  Chemical Criminalistics 6cp 
65643  Chemistry and Pharmacology of Recreational Drugs 6cp 
91139  Complex Forensic Cases (Biology) 6cp 
65743  Complex Forensic Cases (Chemistry) 6cp 
79028  Complex Forensic Cases (Law for Biology) 6cp 
65342  Crime Scene Investigation 6cp 
65316  Criminalistics 6cp 
91137  DNA Profiling 6cp 
60910  Directed Study A 6cp 
60911  Directed Study B 6cp 
65863  Expert Evidence Presentation 6cp 
65644  Fire and Explosion Investigation 6cp 
91549  Forensic Biology Research Project 24cp 
91548  Forensic Biology Research Project A 12cp 
91550  Forensic Biology Research Project B 12cp 
65312  Forensic Imaging 6cp 
65033  Forensic Science Research Project 24cp 
65032  Forensic Science Research Project A 12cp 
65072  Forensic Science Research Project B 12cp 
35255  Forensic Statistics 6cp 
65545  Forensic Toxicology 6cp 
91138  Investigation of Human Remains 6cp 
91132  Molecular Biology 1 6cp 
Total  48cp