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CBK91091 Choice (No specified major)

Select 36 credit points of options:  36cp
89210  Animation Fundamentals 6cp 
89108  Animation Workshop: Creative Play 6cp 
89105  Design Activism 6cp 
89400  Design Capstone Project 12cp 
89110  Design Theory: Social Futures 6cp 
89172  Design Theory: Sustainability and Change 6cp 
89109  Design Workshop: Experimental Media 6cp 
89173  Design Workshop: New Poetics 6cp 
89200  Graphic Visualisation 6cp 
89107  Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A 6cp 
89171  Innovation and Entrepreneurship: B 6cp 
89115  Lighting Studio: Light, Materials and Space 12cp 
89114  Lighting Studio: Light, Time and Change 12cp 
89213  Narrative Media Studio: Design 12cp 
89214  Narrative Media Studio: Experiment 12cp 
89142  Perception Space Materials: Design Philosophy - Spatial Design Program 12cp 
89032  Research Studio 12cp 
89106  Researching Contexts 6cp 
Total  36cp