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CBK90254 Dissertation/In-country study

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
978145  In-country Study: Argentina 24cp 
978134  In-country Study: Canada 24cp 
978135  In-country Study: Chile 24cp 
978136  In-country Study: China 24cp 
978912  In-country Study: Colombia 24cp 
978137  In-country Study: France 24cp 
978138  In-country Study: Germany 24cp 
978139  In-country Study: Italy 24cp 
978140  In-country Study: Japan 24cp 
978141  In-country Study: Latino USA 24cp 
978142  In-country Study: Mexico 24cp 
978143  In-country Study: Spain 24cp 
978144  In-country Study: Switzerland 24cp 
Total  24cp