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CBK90225 Core subjects choice

Select 42 credit points of options:  42cp
32998  .NET Application Development 6cp 
32013  .NET Enterprise Development 6cp 
49110  3G Mobile Communication Systems 6cp 
42890  4G/5G Mobile Technologies 6cp 
32509  Advanced Interaction Design 6cp 
32549  Advanced Internet Programming 6cp 
32009  Advanced Routing Principles 6cp 
49227  Advanced Sensor Networks 6cp 
32209  Advanced Topics in Computer Networks 6cp 
32702  Contemporary Telecommunications 6cp 
32548  Cyber Security Essentials 6cp 
32309  Digital Forensics 6cp 
95564  Digital Media Technologies 6cp 
42017  Fundamentals of Interaction Design 6cp 
42891  Infrastructure for Cloud Computing 6cp 
32516  Internet Programming 6cp 
32527  Internetwork Design 6cp 
32001  Mobile Commerce Technologies 6cp 
32011  Multilayer Switched Networks 6cp 
32528  Network Management 6cp 
32310  Network Security Appliances 6cp 
42901  Object-Relational Databases 6cp 
32541  Project Management 6cp 
32933  Research Project 6cp 
32934  Research Project 12cp 
95563  Storytelling and Sense-making Studio 6cp 
32520  Systems Administration 6cp 
32931  Technology Research Methods 6cp 
32521  WANS and VLANS 6cp 
32010  Wide Area Network Implementation 6cp 
42889  iOS Application Development 6cp 
Total  42cp