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CBK90127 Electives (Architecture)

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
11283  Access in Large Scale Buildings 6cp 
11282  Advanced Building Systems 6cp 
11285  Advanced Modelmaking 6cp 
11294  Architectural Experience A 6cp 
11295  Architectural Experience B 6cp 
11296  Architectural Experience C 6cp 
11297  Architectural Experience D 6cp 
11512  Architecture Competition Project 6cp 
11307  Architecture Special Project 6cp 
11305  Architecture Special Topics 6cp 
11309  Architecture, Cinema and Representation 6cp 
11310  Critical Theory 6cp 
11272  Designing with Landscape Elements 6cp 
11311  Drawing to Diagrams: Topics in Architectural Theory 6cp 
11301  Fine Houses of Europe and America 6cp 
11291  Freehand Illustration 6cp 
11304  House and Housing 6cp 
11287  Islamic Architecture 630-1700 6cp 
11308  Reading and Writing Architectural Criticism 6cp 
11363  Special Project (Communications) 6cp 
11364  Special Project (Design) 6cp 
11365  Special Project (Offshore) 6cp 
11362  Special Project (Technology) 6cp 
11361  Special Project (Theory) 6cp 
Total  24cp